Durban highway rapist's sentencing postponed

Submitted by Chantelle.Whittles on Wed, 07/24/2019 - 13:06

Cape Town - Moses Mavila, the man dubbed the highway rapist, was expected to be sentenced in the Pinetown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

He’s guilty of the rapes of at least 30 women.  

Mavila lured women under the pretext of offering them jobs.

He would then take them near the M19 Highway, rape and rob them.

He pleaded guilty to all the rape charges.

Mavila could not be sentenced because the State prosecutor called in sick.

The rapist insisted in court that he wanted to be sentenced today.

Mavila’s victims and activists came to court today, calling for the harshest sentence to be imposed on him.

The KZN department of social development was also at court, to support the victims.

Mavila will now be sentenced on August, 30.

Photo: Pixabay