South Africa 'outsigns' the rest

Submitted by Chantelle.Whittles on Wed, 07/24/2019 - 14:52
Lethiwe Ntaka

Cape Town - South Africa has stolen the show in the Miss and Mister Deaf World competition.

The men's segment was won by Pumelela Puru.

In the women's segment, Lethiwe Ntaka was crowned first princess.

The event was held in South Africa for the first time.

Twenty participants from 11 countries participated in the Mister and Miss Deaf World competition last week.

And it's the first time South Africa has done so well.

'Lethiwe Ntaka, who was crowned first princess, says it was an incredible experience and great to meet new people.

"Even though we had bit of a challenge of communication because sign language is different but it was exiting and it was very beautiful seeing different signs and learning those signs."

Both young South Africans now want to give back to their community.

"My planing in future is to support my community and show them that in life we can achieve and just be there to inspire and to grow people."

"My aim is to support the poor and advise and always be there for different schools and I want to show, I want to set an example to the youngsters here in South Africa."

This is a competition that seems to create leaders, as well as inspire the public.

Photo: Facebook|Lethiwe Ntaka